Teen Wolf 4x11 ‘A Promise to the Dead' promo (x).

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  • hey gur are u a kanima ‘cause seein u paralyzes me
  • hey baby hope u aren’t a werewolf ‘cause damn i’d let u bite
  • are u a banshee ‘cause i wanna hear u scream
  • hey babe is ur name scott ‘cause i’d love for u to mccall me later
  • hey u must be a hunter ‘cause when i saw u…


I’m coughing because I couldn’t breathe because I was laughing so hard at Ian Bohen describing Scott and Kira’s first date on the spot while on this week’s Afterbuzz.

Scott would show up on the motorbike and Kira would walk out in a beautiful gown. And Scott is all like “Uhhh, uhhh, uhhh — ah…

I’m thinking too much about this back and forth w/ Rantsofafangirl…


Because it could just be so perfect!

Like Jordan wants to be a good guy, but he’s come to realize that Beacon Hills is basically a warzone, and in war you have to do a lot of things you don’t like, up to and including killing people.

But Scott keeps forgiving people, keeps sparing them, especially when they don’t deserve it. *coughcoughDeucalioncoughcough*. And Jordan looks at that and and wonders where Scott went wrong because mercy is all well and good, yes, but when it’s all you do? That is a mistake.

I also just want Nice!Villain Jordan. Like yeah, he’s a bad guy, but he’s still nice, and caring, and empathetic. 

Yeah exactly. I don’t think Jordan could ever go full on raging villain. Not like say maybe Peter… I feel like Jordan would have to be motivated by something and even then I he would still have to keep his caring and empahtic side. Without that Jordan isn’t Jordan.

Which brings me to this;


In my universe (or one of many) Scott and his “pack” let a nasty guy go. Yet another villain getting a second chance. Parrish questions that particular choice for some reason or another. Parrish’s instincts tell him that in this particular case, letting him just go would be a mistake.

Scott (ever the idealistic teenager) tells Parrish that everyone deserves a second chance (blah, blah blah) his standards need to be consistent with everyone.

Jordan looks over to Lydia to see her head bowed slightly. He can tell she may agree with him but she’s siding with Scott… he’s the alpha. So Jordan lets it go. He is new to all this as well and Lydia trusts Scott and Jordan trusts his girlfriend (Jordan and Lydia are dating in this particular universe)

Jordan and Lydia talk about it at home. Jordan still feels funny about it. Lydia’s instincts are telling her the same thing but she isn’t sure what to do anymore. She also talks about the way she’s always pushed around. She makes a subtle insinuation that maybe Peter has the right idea. (Because Peter is kinda out there still trying to start his little new word order sort of thing, oh and also maybe Pydia was a thing too)

Jordan says no. He may not trust Scott’s decision on this one Peter and his plans are not a better alternative.

Anyway a few days later the baddie that Scott let go comes back, this time worse than ever. He takes Lydia hostage, roughs her up, tortures her the whole nine yards.  Jordan is beyond distraught. He’s furious at Scott for letting him go. He just knew something like this was going to happen.

It’s worse because they have her… they have Lydia.

He also starts to get disgruntled at the way the way the pack goes about trying to find Lydia. It’s one of the first times Jordan is involved in one of their “Scooby Doo missions”  He comes to realize that their teenagers. They can’t handle this. They don’t know what they are doing…

This train of thought continues for a day until they find Lydia. Well what’s left of her anyway. She’s alive… but only just.

Jordan is with Lydia in the hospital 24/7. He doesn’t allow for any other visitors and he won’t… not until he see’s her eyes open and her smile again.

Still, it doesn’t stop one person from sneaking into Lydia’s room… Jordan comes back from a coffee break one time to find Peter sitting in his seat next to Lydia’s bedside.

He’s there sweeping her hair out of her face and saying sweet things to his former love. Apologizing for not being there to help her. Telling her old words of how she’s smart and intelligent. How she’s stronger than this…

When Peter finally looks up Jordan can see Peter is visibly upset. Jordan doesn’t ask why Peter is here, he just starts explaining everything. What happened to her. What Scott did… even how Lydia was starting to lose faith.

His regrets for not trusting his instincts. Because they got Lydia hurt…

He openly admits that something needs to be done. This needs to stop… Beacon Hills needs to be safe. It’s their home.

Peter agrees. It’s all he’s ever wanted. He needs help though… He needs help to take Beacon Hills back and to bring it back to it’s former glory.

Enough is enough. No more subtle gameplays. He looks down at Lydia. Now this is a war… Jordan agrees with that remembering his old army days.

Peter asks if Jordan will join him. He’s hesitant to say the least. He has his conditions though and Peter listens and negotiates with him carefully.

But in the end Jordan agrees. It’s not for him…. it’s for Lydia… He knows this is what she would want him to do

The first thing Peter and Jordan do as a team is hunt down the person who took Lydia and decimate them.

They both help nurse Lydia back to health. It doesn’t matter what vow Jordan and Parrish made together. It won’t work… not without Lydia.

Then their real work can…

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~So yeah… that’s the general genesis of one of the ideas. :P

I think Jordan would still be Jordan in that one because he has Lydia to keep him grounded. (Peter and Jordan both do really. I’d imagine their relationship would evolve into a kinda threesome eventually)

Everything Jordan would do as a “villian” would be to ensure that people will not have to suffer like Lydia has. It would also be for Lydia. He want Lydia to be safe and Beacon Hills to be safe for them to start a life together. Which really in my head kinda makes it justifiable.

But then I’ve also got my other culty/following sort of universes where it’s just downright deplorable stuff….really kinda of like The Following but you know Teen Wolf. :P

ahhh so many ways you could go with the concept. You could eventually involve more people too…. Damn it I’m in deep!!!!

Pydian AU

When Scott McCall and his pack lose control of Beacon Hills, Peter finally enacts his plan to take it all back. But he won’t be doing it alone. This time he has help.

War makes for strange bedfellows and war makes monsters of us all.


strike a match and I’ll burn you to the ground