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3b Petopher AU:

Peter gets his memories restored in a unexpected way and immediately regrets ever wanting them back. He used to have a thing with Christopher Argent.  Christopher fucking Argent.  And that’s just the tip of the horrible news, the apparent catalyst that steamrolls in the rest of the inconvenient bullshit.  Now there’s demon samurai, a chaos-mongering fox spirit, and everyone and his nephew are being rude as hell about making his sordid past their business.  Not to mention the fact that now Peter has to come face-to-face with the hunter again after spending literal months strategically avoiding him.  What a damn drag.  What a waste of effort.  What a shame that now out of all the opportune moments to have Christopher Argent removed from the picture, Peter can’t seem to let him goddamn die.  

My in-depth analysis of Genevieve in 1x18

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Steve & Bucky + the museum exhibit

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Starkid ~ 9th April 2009 - 9th April 2014

I only want to spend time with these friends~

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Aidan Turner Appreciation Weekend:

[6/??] Mitchell - Clothing requested by hellokili

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And you have a tail.

"I have a tail."

Yeah, you have a tail.

"Does it do anything?"

No, not that i know of.

  • I love this scene.

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