Let’s tweet why we love (or even just like Jeff) and with the hash tag #ISupportJeffDavis he gets a lot of misdirected hate from the fandom so let’s show him that not all of us do this.

Let’s tweet why we love (or even just like Jeff) and with the hash tag #ISupportJeffDavis he gets a lot of misdirected hate from the fandom so let’s show him that not all of us do this.

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sataninacroptop said: Holland and Ian’s scenes have always been some of my favorites. I will never forget that awkward moment when Peter answers the door and its the first time since he came back. What a gift.

I do too. I remember the backlash that scene got, alot of people complained about it.

But I found it to be such a subtly strong scene for their characters.

That scene show Lydia was no longer the helpless victim. ( a survivor as she put it in the episode) She didn’t cower or scream when she saw him. Especially when Peter stood tall and put his chest out when he first opened the door. She stood her ground and in the end she made him ashamed not the other way around.

It was such a powerful Lydia moment in my opinion.

And I loved Peter is no longer proud of the torment he inflicted on her. The way his eyes sort of widened after a while and then he sort of bowed his head a little. (Almost submissively) While Lydia just looked on.

All the while the scene still maintained that comedic and awkward vibe. Which I was in awe about.

I remember reading that the way that scene played out was the creative choice Holland and Ian chose to go with and I think it was perfect.

I think this is a perfect example as to why I always enjoy Peter and Lydia scenes on the show. It’s because Ian and Holland work so perfectly together. 

They just have such clear understanding of their characters and how they would interact with each other. I love the the way it’s subtly shown through the body language and gestures. 

Erh they are brilliant and because of that. I think it adds that little level of complexity and subtext. You can really unpack the scenes and the characters on so many different levels. (Their interactions live off the screen for me)

Also I love how not everything needs to be written out in dialogue for them. Just because it’s all there… For example you don’t need to explain the torment Lydia feels because of Peter. You can feel it in their scenes together. 

All the while making it the overall feeling of their scenes lighthearted and comedic…. like how the hell do they manage it?!

I think it’s because of this, you never need too many Pydia scenes. Because they are just quality. I’m always satisfied.

I love how Ian and Holland take the little moments they get given and really run with it and stretch it out.

You really get your moneys worth with these two and I can’t thank and appreciate Ian and Holland enough for that…

They really are one of my favorite things about this show…

tvd meme: 10 characters
2. Jenna Sommers
↳ “I have no secrets, only dirty shame.”

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lilmisslydiamartin said: Legit Holland actually says she likes Pydia, and she adores Ian, but she just has to accept that it’s not happening any time soon. Like… she’s being realistic. nbd.

That’s what I got from it. It was clear to me that she was speaking to about the show in a general sense. It’s a realistic assumption in my opinion.

I guess people got their hopes up and that’s why they are upset. I’ve found it’s easier to never to expect anything to happen. Otherwise you are just left bitter and disappointed.

Also I find it’s easier also to never seek approval about things either. I think it’s something that’s becoming a thing. Particularly with this whole MTV getting involved with fandom thing. People take what actors and stuff say to heart and especially with shipping, it’s doing a more harm than good.

So Holland does likes Pydia! I was a little confused on that part. I like that she likes working with Ian and having those scenes. I think it really is evident on the show. Because their scenes are so entertaining and complex. (like all the expressions and stuff) It’s pure gold.

My opinion about what Holland said about Pydia:




I really don’t get what all the fuss is about.

Who cares if Pydia is canon or not. Who needs canon to validate their love for a ship?

Plus that is only Holland’s opinion on the ship. I don’t think she is wrong in any sense with what she said. (But I also tend to agree with her on that one so that might play a part in that)

At the moment Lydia is a minor. Peter is also her abuser (whether anyone likes to admit it or not) If you are looking at it from a non-shipper perspective, I can see how it’s not an appropriate ship (at this time, who knows about the future) and why Holland would say that.

I think Holland having a somewhat negative opinion on the ship means nothing in the scheme of things. It’s her opinion and observation and she’s entitled to it.

It’s sort of the same thing with Tyler Hoechlin and Sterek. Do you think Sterek is any less popular or invalid just because an actor who plays a character of the ship doesn’t like it? No.

Shipping is a fandom thing that is separate from the show. It’s like fanfiction. We do it for ourselves. Not for show. (if that makes any sense) So I’m of the opinion that the actors have nothing to with shipping because it’s not for them. It’s for us.

If actors ship our ship, that’s cool but if they don’t (like Holland maybe) then that’s cool too. Just like it’s ok if normal people in the fandom don’t ship what someone else does.

So yeah that’s my opinion on that. I am really excited to hear we are getting more Pydia scenes. I love how we get one or two every season and what Holland said about Peter and Ian was really cool and sweet.

All in all, still a cool interview. I liked it.

I agree with you on everything there but Hoechlin not liking Sterek. Him not shipping Sterek doesn’t mean he doesn’t like it. He likes Sterek, but he views it differently than the majority of fans do. To him, it’s only a friendship, and that’s what he likes about Sterek. (it seems like he’s kind of understanding that Sterek doesn’t just mean stiles and derek in a romantic light, but anything stiles and derek related.)

For Holland, I would say it’s probably about the same? She and Ian like the ship, but maybe not the same way that shippers do. She and Ian enjoy the dynamic between Peter and Lydia, and enjoy working together, but that’s probably about as far as it goes.

Ah, well that makes sense then. Especially with the Tyler/Sterek stuff. Because from what I’ve read. (I haven’t actively searched for the stuff) everyone was saying he didn’t like Sterek and it made him uncomfortable.

I dunno it didn’t sound right. Because Tyler is a quiet and respectful person. I couldn’t imagine him saying something like that. At least not so bluntly anyways.

Yeah, it’s the same vibe I got from Holland too. Like she likes Pydia because she get’s to work with Ian. But doesn’t agree necessarily with them being anything more than what they are are on the show. (totally the same thing as Tyler)

Also that whole MTV trying to be involved in fandom thing? Yeah I’m totally seeing that now. I think that is probably where all the friction (particularly with interviews in general) is coming from. Because the actors are sort of starting to address these things and they don’t necessarily get it…

Some of the actors handle it really well. Others don’t. Then people hear things and get upset and it just makes everything worse. You are dealing with a fairly young fandom (as a girl who is 20 I often forget that) and I think the producers and stuff don’t get how venerable some people can be. Kids take these sorts of things to heart. So it’s really difficult.

I dunno I find that sort of thing to be awkward. (like that fanfic video) It’s like your mum going into your bedroom and reading your diary. I think there should be a separation a little bit and the actors shouldn’t be forced or made to talk about it if they don’t want to either.

I just realized that we both love Ian Bohen and Daniel Gillies. We may or may not be best friends from now on. -ximenah

YES!!!  Let’s be BEST friends!

I feel we share a lot of loves and belief too.

I love Ian and Daniel. They are my favorite people.I just love them so much and they can do no wrong in my eyes. It’s really bad.